SeaWorld Orlando Introduces New Killer Whale Up-Close Tour

Visitors to SeaWorld Orlando now have the opportunity to experience the park’s majestic killer whales in a brand-new way. The "Killer Whale Up-Close Tour" gives guests the opportunity to meet the park’s killer whales in ways never before offered at the park. The 45-minute tour includes learning from the park’s killer whale trainers, meeting these majestic animals, and understanding their unique personalities and even taking part in an interaction with one of the whales.

During the tour, SeaWorld’s trainers share stories and information about the killer whales, demonstrate how the whales take part in voluntary husbandry sessions and discuss their healthcare, feeding habits and more. The engaging and interactive tour also gives participants the chance to try their hand at a session with the whales alongside a trainer. Throughout the entire experience, guests can take photos to help forever preserve the memory of the one-of-a-kind experience.

The Killer Whale Up-Close Tour is the latest in the SeaWorld’s collection of memorable, educational and inspirational tours. Popular guest experiences, including the Dolphin Up-Close Tour and Penguin Up-Close Tour provide hands-on interactions with some of the park’s most popular animals while encouraging guests to care about all of the animals found in the oceans. The Behind-the-Scenes Tour, a guest favorite, provides an inside look at the park’s amazing animal rescue operation and ends with the opportunity to touch a shark and meet a Magellanic penguin.

The Killer Whale Up-Close Tour begins at 10:00 a.m. and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Space is limited, and guests are encouraged to make reservations online in advance. Prices start at $79 per person. For more information on SeaWorld’s tour programs, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit

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  1. Hopefully this will help to debunk PETA's disinformation campaign about SeaWorld over the past couple of years. It's truly sad to see so many people fooled into thinking that one of the biggest marine rescue and rehabilitation groups in the world is some evil corporation that tortures animals, especially when the people trying to spin that narrative are known to kill thousands of animals every year (and those are just the ones they document!).


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