Mobile Order Coming to Pinocchio Village Haus and Pecos Bill

Mobile Order will be expanding availability to Pinocchio Village Haus beginning July 24 and Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café beginning July 25. Using the My Disney Experience app, Mobile Order allows Guests to select menu items, customize their order and pre-pay for their meal. When they arrive at the restaurant they tap an “I’m here” button in the app, which notifies the kitchen to prepare the meal. When ready, Guests are alerted through the app to pick up their meal at a designated window.

As a reminder, during the initial launch period, the only form of payment accepted is credit card and no discounts or dining plans will be able to be applied to orders submitted through Mobile Order. Guests requesting to use a discount, dining plan entitlement or have special dietary requests/allergies should place their order with a cashier.

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