On-Ride Video of New "Mine Blower" Roller Coaster Released

One of Fun Spot America's most thrilling attractions will open in just three days! The brand-new "Mine Blower" is a hybrid roller coaster that features banked turns (with the max banking at 115 degrees), an inversion (this is currently the only wooden roller coaster in Florida to go upside down) and crazy airtime! While the coaster officially opens on June 23, you can virtually ride the coaster today thanks to the on-ride video published by The Gravity Group (the company that designed and built the ride).

As you watch this video, imagine how intense it will be going through all the crazy elements of this coaster!:

So, are you ready to ride the Mine Blower? Let us know in the comments what you think about this new addition.

VIDEO: © 2017 The Gravity Group and Fun Spot America. All Rights Reserved.

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