FastPass+ Validation Rules Reinforced at Walt Disney World

Beginning from today, Walt Disney World's existing FastPass+ validation rules will be reinforced. The terms and conditions state that FastPass+ selections may be reserved and redeemed exclusively on valid tickets used for park admission that same day.
When accessing and using FastPass+ services through My Disney Experience, the app will prompt Guests who previously redeemed FastPass+ selections on tickets not used for park admission to speak with a Cast Member or call Disney's Support Center.

Guests who received a message in their My Disney Experience app or have an account that has been locked should visit a Guest Relations window or call the My Disney Experience support center at 407-939-7917 to get more information about the FastPass+ booking guidelines and to reactivate FastPass+ reservations.

Until a visit or call is made, the My Disney Experience account of the ticket holder will be temporarily locked. Additional attempts to use tickets not used for theme park admission that day to redeem FastPass+ selections may result in a loss of access to the FastPass+ service.

FastPass+ service terms and conditions can be found by visiting the official Walt Disney World website.


  1. How was this possible to abuse in the first place?

  2. I don't follow. So, if you make a fast pass selection and don't use it?

  3. You make a fastpass reservation and do not enter park it will be locked

    people are doing this to see how far out fastpasses need to be booked or on a chance they may go there

    1. Ok, but what if you cancel it before the ride time?

  4. Apparently folks found a way to use magic bands that weren't already linked to their MDE accounts at the fp kiosks in the parks. They could actually book fp with them even though they didn't have a ticket linked. And they could actually use these magic bands to gain fp access to the rides they booked at the kiosks. Folks will always find ways to scheme a system.

  5. They would also buy extra tickets and not use them them for entry and book Fast Passes with them and they would still be able to use them for FP+. Basically they are making sure that the ticket used for the FP+ is one that was used for entry.

  6. I have an annual pass, as does my mother. I could go on MDX and book 2 fast passes for her and I. I could then take her magic band to the park and use both fast passes for myself. This new update will not allow that to happen, as her annual pass will not be scanned into the park using her fingerprint.

  7. Ok, got it, I think. Thanks everyone for clearing this up for me.


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