New AVATAR Ride Features Most Advanced Animatronic Ever

In less than a month, Animal Kingdom Guests will be able to see the most advanced Audio-Animatronic ever created when riding the new Na’vi River Journey attraction at Pandora - the World of Avatar. This encounter is a highlight of this family attraction, in which Guests sail down a mysterious river hidden within a bioluminescent rainforest filled with glowing plants and wondrous creatures. The river journey culminates when Guests spot the shaman, a figure deeply connected to the creatures of Pandora.

The Na’vi Shaman of Songs is the most complicated Audio-Animatronics figure ever created by Walt Disney Imagineering. While the new photo and video (featured below) offer a glimpse of the shaman, you might have seen her in a television commercial, where she says how she “looks forward to seeing you on Pandora.” 


Many assumed the shaman was computer generated, but it was actually the real shaman who now calls Pandora’s Mo’ara Valley home. Check out the following video to get a glimpse of this new animatronic:

This is just one of the many thrilling experiences that await you in in Pandora. Stay tuned for more news about the opening of this exciting new land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

PHOTO & VIDEO: © 2017 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I hope the "most advanced" audioanimatronic, the Na'vi Shaman, doesn't wind up like the other most advanced audioanimatronic, the Yeti.

  2. "most advanced" audioanimatronics in the lamest themed ride from a liberal propaganda film. PETA will love it.

  3. We'll be calling it "Disco Na'vi Shaman" in a couple of months when they can't fix it and just put a strobe light on it.

  4. Just fix the Yeti!

  5. Yes, fix the Yet. It's only been 5 years!


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