“The View” Filming at Disney's Animal Kingdom March 6-8

In celebration of the 20th season of “The View” on ABC, the show will broadcast from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Monday, March 6-Wednesday, March 8. A temporary stage will be set up at the Tree of Life March 2 after park close. Production equipment load-in and technical tests will take place through March 5. While “The View” is taping in the park, there will be several operational adjustments that may impact your upcoming visit. Continue reading this post to learn more about these changes.

The following offerings will be impacted by filming Monday, March 6-Wednesday, March 8, 2017:
  • Russell will greet Guests near Flame Tree Barbecue.
  • "Winged Encounters" will be performed with an alternate schedule.
  • Disney PhotoPass Tree of Life photos will be taken from the Oasis-Discovery Island bridge.
Audience tickets have already been distributed for “The View.” Audience members will check-in at one of the Vacation Planning booths. At this time, there is no standing room option for day Guests to view the taping; that being said, opportunities to fill seats in the audience may be available based on production needs.


  1. Is this supposed to be a good thing?

  2. Why not actually have a quality show tape at Disney. Not a one sided political circus. Universal has had Jimmy Fallon, Today Show, The Apprentice,TNA Wrestling, America Ninja Warrior etc. Disney needs to get it together. Bring more taping from QUALITY ABC shows already.

  3. I actually heard that Whoopi Goldberg was going to announce that she would indeed be Opray Winfrey's running mate in 2020...Joy Behar will be Chief of Staff because she knows every damn thing...

  4. The tree of life will celebrate the taping of the view by hanging tampons for the cranky moments on the show when they all can not agree on something. Or just maybe they could (all joking aside) bring up the fact the Endangered species Act may become an endangered species in-its'-self. To notify your lawmakers to oppose any legislation that undermines the Endangered Species Act and other fundamental environmental protections


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