Redesigned Guidemaps Coming Soon to Magic Kingdom Park

Redesigned guidemaps are coming to the Magic Kingdom Park on Sunday, March 19. The guidemap (the English version, as well as all five translations and the Guide for Guests with Disabilities will all be updated) features "Once Upon a Time" on the cover and will have a slightly different look that is very similar to the current Epcot map.
While the overall design will surely not look unfamiliar to most Guests, the map seems to include more details (it's definitely more colorful) and feels a little less cluttered.

Comparing the new guidemap (1st image) to the old map (2nd image) will help you to visualize the changes:


FRONT OF NEW MAP (Full-Size Version):


BACK OF NEW MAP (Full-Size Version):


FRONT OF OLD MAP (Full-Size Version):


BACK OF OLD MAP (Full-Size Version):


MAGIC KINGDOM MAPS: © 2017 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Sorry to complain, but the map images are one top of each other and too hard to compare. People's eyes don't track up and down as well as side to side. Perhaps a summary of the differences?


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