Major Changes Coming to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Exciting changes are coming soon to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, starting with a reimagining of the Centertown that will add even more amenities to this centralized dining and shopping marketplace. Beginning this May, several Guest offerings will be unavailable at Centertown/Old Port Royale, and the buildings within Martinique and Barbados islands will be unavailable. Some rumors point to a possible expansion that includes Disney Vacation Club accommodations, but Disney hasn't confirmed that.


  1. Hi, just wondering if you have a source on the work starting in May I am staying in CBR this summer and when I rang to try and move hotel I got told no works was listed yet and I had to wait would love to prove the wrong

    Thnaks for your help

  2. Hi Smudger! The Walt Disney World Resort officially released this timeline internally, but you shouldn't expect them to confirm anything until work actually starts. You will find many examples (online) of people who asked about upcoming construction projects that might have impacted their stay but Disney usually denies that.

  3. Thanks for your help looks like I will be best waiting a bit and try again when Disney announces something


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