Disney Releases Short Ride Footage of "Na’vi River Journey"

Earlier today, the Walt Disney World Resort surprised fans by releasing a 16-second advertisement that briefly shows on-ride footage of Na’vi River Journey, a new, family-friendly dark ride that Guests will soon be able to enjoy (along with the nearby Flight of Passage attraction and many other unique offerings) inside Pandora - The World of AVATAR when it opens at Disney's Animal Kingdom. In the video you will also be able to see some of the amazing creatures and plants that you'll encounter along the way.

Here's the aforementioned video. Pay particular attention when the video reaches the 0:04 and 0:07 marks:

Expeditions to Pandora - The World of AVATAR officially begin May 27, 2017 from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

VIDEO: © 2017 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. **cough** troll **cough**

  2. All you negative whiners! I bet this ride will be impressive and enjoyable once it's open in May. If you hate it before it launches, you're not even giving it a chance.


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