Matboukha Groove and Bodh’aktan Now Performing at Epcot

Two new entertainment acts recently debuted at Epcot. Presenting a unique fusion of Moroccan, Mediterranean, Latin and World music, Matboukha Groove debuted on the Morocco stage a few days ago for a limited engagement. Guests will enjoy Moroccan percussion, Armenian duduk, Arabic and Mediterranean melody, Latin rhythms, and virtuoso music improvisation performed by artists with phenomenal credits, including Grammy and international awards. Matboukha Groove performs five days each week.


Bodh’aktan, combining the musical traditions of Quebec and other Canadian provinces with rock, folk, Celtic and punk music, has returned for a limited engagement on The Mill Stage in Canada. Hailing from Quebec, Bodh’aktan will appear through tomorrow (Sunday, January 22, 2017).


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