Epcot Plans to Update Totem Poles Found in Canada Pavilion

As part of Walt Disney World's efforts to create culturally authentic experiences for Guests visiting Epcot's World Showcase, the park plans on updating two of the totem poles in the Canada pavilion. Work is planned to be complete by Jan. 20, when two new totem poles will be in place. They have been carved by artist David Boxley, who also carved the totem pole currently on display at the Trading Post. The park will host the Git Hoan Dancers (People of the Salmon) for a dedication ceremony on Jan. 20.

The Git Hoan Dancers will also be performing as part of Epcot's Festival of the Arts on Jan. 21 and 22, 2017. 

Here you are some photos of the current look of some of the totem poles found in the Canada Pavilion:


PHOTOS: © 2017 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Nice that thay desided to update this. Not like it neeeded both are still nice to look at. Now Granted the normal public will not care. But its nice seeing small changes to a Country that has not gotten love in a long time. Maybe
    this is that little bit of change hited at at D23 Back In November 2016!!!
    Now Lets hear about a new ride coming to Replace UOE Or Inside Out with figment in a New Mondrn Imaginiton Pillivilon!!! #UpdateEpcot

  2. WDW efforts to create culturally authentic experiences...
    Nice job they did with Norway in that regard...not.


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