Photo Editing in My Disney Experience App on iOS Devices

Starting from Wednesday, December 7, Guests using an iOS device will be able to edit their Disney PhotoPass photos within the My Disney Experience app.
As a reminder, Guests will be able to edit their photos only after they have been purchased, either individually or as part of an active Memory Maker or Memory Maker One Day entitlement. Guests that have purchased an Annual Pass with a Disney PhotoPass download benefit will also be able to edit their photos.

To edit a purchased photo in the app, Guests should tap on an image and then tap “Edit.” Guests can save an edited photo to their camera roll in a medium or high resolution format.

In the app, Guests will be able to crop photos and applying filters, stickers, and borders (filter application is exclusive to the app and is not available when editing photos at

Edits made to a photo in the app will not be saved in a Guest’s Disney account, so Guests will need to save the edited photo to their camera roll before closing out  the app if they’d like to keep a version of the photo displaying the app edits. Once the app is closed out, these edits will not be viewable on the photo once the app is reopened; however, if a Guest edits a photo at, the edits made to the photo will save to the user’s account and appear when that photo is viewed in the app.

The number of border and sticker options available in the app differs from


Are Guests with Android devices able to edit purchased PhotoPass photos in the app? 
No. Only Guests with an iOS device will have access to editing capabilities in the app. 

Can a photo edited in the app be used in a photo gift project at 
Yes; however, to include the picture in a photo gift product, Guests will need to follow these steps:
  • Make edits to the photo in the app;
  • Email the photo to themselves;
  • Download the photo to their laptop or desktop computer;
  • On that computer, visit;
  • Upload the edited image to the desired product ;
If a filter is applied to a photo that has a border or sticker applied to it, will the border/sticker be incorporated into the filter effect?
No. If a filter is applied to a photo in the app, the filter will only alter the appearance of the image  itself, not any borders or stickers that were previously placed on the photo.

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