Walt Disney World Resort to Introduce New "MagicBand 2"

The Walt Disney World Resort is constantly looking for innovative ways to help Guests further enhance their experience. For this reason, Disney is introducing the new MagicBand 2, which will be more versatile and customizable as Guests unlock the wonders of a Walt Disney World vacation. MagicBand 2 aims to allow The Walt Disney Company to continue to push the boundaries in technology wearables over the next few years, and evolve and expand even further.

MagicBand 2 works exactly the same as the current MagicBand with more comfort and flexibility. Disney will offer a sneak peek of MagicBand 2 during today's D23: Destination D event.


Will the old MagicBand still work?
Yes, Guests may continue using the previous MagicBand.

Will the graphic MagicBands continue to be in this new MagicBand 2 design?
Yes, Disney will introduce graphic MagicBand 2, including limited-edition and limited-release MagicBand 2s, over the next few months. Stay tuned on OTPN for further announcements.

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