Volcano Bay Update: Water Slides Installation Continues

Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando's new water park, already looks impressive.
While we are still months away from its official grand opening, the centerpiece of the park looks absolutely massive, and the water slides installed so far look very exciting! We can't wait to see all the surprises that Universal has in store for us. In the meantime, come along with us and take a quick peek at the area that will soon be home to an amazing new water park. We hope you'll enjoy the photos.

First of all, be sure to note that all of the photos featured in our updates (including this one) were taken from areas adjacent to construction zones. None of them were taken by entering restricted areas.


Let's begin by checking out the volcano:


Faux rockwork will soon completely envelop the metal structure:


Multiple water slides will interact with the volcano:


A look above the walls:


Numerous structures are taking shape around the park:


Check out some of the slides that have been installed so far:


Some of these water slides are so tall that they hide the nearby Cabana Bay Resort:


Some of the slides are extremely close to the road:


By the way, the new towers continue to take shape next to Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort:


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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Give credit where it is due. Universal and SeaWorld are developing their parks with new attractions and have them open to the public in very short time frames. Major attractions like Diagon Alley, Reign of Kong, Mako and Empire of the Penguin were all announced and built very quickly. Meanwhile, how long does Disney take? Avatar land has dragged on forever. New Fantasyland took years. Hollywood Studios will take years to redevelop and even then there are rumours things are being scaled back due to financial cuts. I really think Disney is falling behind in Florida.

  2. Nintendo was announced for Universal in May 2015. Since then...*silence*.

    1. Not too sure I would call opening of Kong, Hulk, new hotel, chocolate factory and coninued construction of an entire water park, more hotel space and 2 new rides "silence". They announced they had struck a deal with Nintendo but it takes a while to draw up plans. At least they have kept themselves busy on significant other projects, ensuring improvements come every year.

  3. Anonymous 1,

    Disney gave us that glorious Frozen ride. What more could you ask for?

  4. The glass windows on the lower floors of the new towers look awesome.

  5. Nintendo was never announced,it was just acquired giving them the opportunity to develop attractions for the parks,no attraction was ever announced.The first poster is correct that Disney just takes way too long to develop attractions.

  6. Thanks for the update!👍

  7. Not sure I would brag about kong... 4 scenes and 3 of them being screens. not a major attraction just 4 walls and a roof.

  8. Plus Universal is playing catch up on the hotel side of things trying to keep the money on property

  9. I just wish Uni was more mindful of sightlines. For example the rockin roller coaster looms over New York's facades, these slides block the beautiful hotel from certain vantages. And don't even get me started on the visibility of the potter show building in IoA. Uni has the capital to do better.