New Addition Coming to Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream is one of our favorite theme park exhibits. This hidden gem is located in the Animation Courtyard area of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it features props, models, and costumes from various Disney Parks and plenty of information about Walt Disney's life and his accomplishments.
In the past, the back of the exhibit housed a model of the New Fantasyland area that opened at Magic Kingdom in 2012. Could something else be coming soon?

As part of our tour of the park, we ventured inside the exhibit to check out the props (like we always do).

As we made our way to the end of the exhibit, we saw that temporary walls now block the whole area:

Puzzled, we approached a Cast Member to ask him what was going on. We expected to hear that the area was just being renovated; instead, he stated that he was "not at liberty to say [what's being done]."

While we have no insider's information about this project, there is a good possibility that they might be installing a new scale model of one of the themed lands coming soon to the Walt Disney World Resort (choices are Pandora: The World of AVATAR, Toy Story Land, or Star Wars Land). We have to say that we are quite intrigued by this because love scale models of new attractions or themed lands...

Another possibility is the addition of yet another new character greeting location. The official Disney Auditions website recently posted a casting call for "male actors to portray Doctor Strange for a limited engagement appearance this fall at the Walt Disney World Resort." A "Doctor Strange" sneak peek will soon be shown inside the Walt Disney Theater, located right next to the area shown in the photos.

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