SeaWorld Condemns Attack on Busch Gardens Flamingo

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, the owner of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and The Humane Society of the United States strongly condemn the cruel attack on a flamingo named Pinky at Busch Gardens in Tampa, and will urge authorities to pursue the case with vigor. This terrible event took place on August 3, when an Orlando man was arrested for picking up and throwing Pinky to the ground, and the flamingo was so badly injured that she had to be euthanized.

“SeaWorld will strongly urge prosecution in this case, and for any person who engages in this sort of cruel behavior towards animals,” said Joel Manby, president and CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. “Pinky was a beloved member of the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay family, and she will be sorely missed. Our Ambassador team members are appalled by this incident, and I am sure they share my view that our state must have a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of cruelty.”

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the U.S., added: “People who abuse animals often don’t stop there, and pose a violent risk to the rest of society. That’s why we’ve worked to fortify the legal framework across the country to punish malicious animal cruelty as a serious offense.”


  1. Hope this guy gets what's coming to him, scumbag!

  2. Simply sickening to hear about things like this. I hope that guy is banned from entering any zoological attraction for the rest of his life, and gets sent to a mental hospital in addition to whatever punishment he inevitably receives. Seriously, that's how serial killers start out- they torture/kill small animals for no reason, then they ramp up all the way to people. I hope this doesn't prompt Busch Gardens to build some giant barricade around the flamingos so that we can only see these beautiful animals through a window from now on; it's like we're being slowly disconnected from all of nature.


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