More Animals Join Animal Kingdom's Affection Section

Ameraucana chickens, silver leghorn chickens, and naked-neck turkens are the newest animals to join the "Affection Section" at Rafiki's Planet Watch.
Amereaucana chickens are known for laying eggs that are blue in color and for having a very sweet, social nature. Leghorn chickens are a heritage breed, are naturally mating, have a long and productive outdoor lifespan and have a slow growth rate. Leghorn chickens are currently still listed as a recovering breed. 

Naked-neck turkens are actually chickens, but were once thought to be a cross between turkeys and chickens, giving them the name turken. The naked neck is due to a random genetic mutation that causes the over-production of a feather-blocking module.

Stop by Rafiki's Planet Watch next time you visit Disney's Animal Kingdom to see these new animals!

PHOTO: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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