SEA LIFE Orlando Welcomes New Wave of Yellow Tangs

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium has welcomed a new group of yellow tangs, also known surgeon fish (Zebrasoma flavescens), who were bred entirely in captivity.
The Finfish Research Group at the Oceanic Institute aims to reduce pressure on wildlife populations and maintain the ocean’s fragile ecosystems by developing environmentally friendly research technologies in broodstock, live feeds, and hatchery-based production methods for numerous different marine species. 

These efforts help the Oceanic Institute in rearing marine wildlife rather than harvesting from oceans.

The new arrivals are featured in a habitat that is eye-level with young visitors, who can watch the tangs eat and swim all day long. The aquarium is already home to blue tangs, the celebrity cousins of the yellow tangs, as well as their famous friends, the clownfish.

“We are excited for our guests to see and learn about these new captive-bred yellow tangs,” said SEA LIFE Orlando Curator Andrew Nerness. “Our mission has always been focused on educational initiatives and conservation efforts of the oceans of the world, and the technology from this new captive breeding program helps us to achieve both of these goals in a sustainable fashion.”

PHOTO: © 2016 SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. All Rights Reserved.

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