LEGOLAND Florida Resort Introduces the Hotel's Kid CEO

LEGOLAND Florida Resort has introduced 7¾-year-old Tommy Parker as “Kid CEO” of its family-friendly hotel. Tommy has branded the property as “The Five-Gazillion Star Hotel” and expanded his team to include Captain Brickbeard, The Good Knight, and The World’s Greatest Adventurer. LEGOLAND Hotel recently celebrated its first anniversary. In the first year of his tenure, Tommy Parker was very busy making sure this beautiful hotel was running smoothly.

In a TV spot, Tommy tours viewers through the 152-room hotel, highlighting some of its awesome amenities, including a pirate-themed room, a disco elevator, a lobby pit filled with LEGO bricks, and Bricks Family Restaurant, while dispensing nuggets of kid wisdom.

The TV spot is being supported by a social campaign showing additional amenities such as the hotel’s adventure and kingdom-themed rooms, and includes an opportunity for kids to win actual items from Tommy’s TV shoot. Take the tour with LEGOLAND Hotel Kid CEO Tommy Parker here:

The Five-Gazillion Star Hotel campaign was produced by VML New York, which has helped launch a number of creative initiatives to promote LEGOLAND Florida Resort, including:
  • The LEGOLAND Times: Five-star hotels for grown-ups deliver a morning newspaper to guests’ rooms. LEGOLAND Hotel does the same, in keeping with its Five-Gazillion Star image. The exclusive LEGOLAND Times features articles and interviews created specifically for kids and has been distributed within the hotel and beyond.
  • LEGOLAND Dollars: Nothing puts a place on the map like having its own currency. LEGOLAND Florida Resort was the first vacation destination to have a currency listed on dozens of Travelex exchange boards. The kid-friendly bills had a one-to-one exchange rate with U.S. dollars and can be spent at the resort’s stores and restaurants.
  • Running Man Challenge: Tommy likes to keep his brand current, so he recently posted a wildly popular video showing the resort’s characters doing their version of the social phenomenon the #RunningManChallenge. Over the course of a weekend, the video garnered more than 375,000 Facebook views, 8,800 likes and over 5,000 shares.
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