Universal Studios Update: Relaxing in the Park (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Universal Studios photo-report. As always, don't forget to check out PART 1 of this update before proceeding.
In the previous part, we took a look around Production Central and then we moved on to the New York City themed area of the park. There are still plenty of other sections of the park that we have to visit, including San Francisco, World Expo, Springfield, Hollywood Boulevard, and more. Enjoy the pictures!

We will continue our tour by heading to San Francisco:


Not much can be seen in the future site of the Fast & Furious attraction at this time:


The facade next to the former entrance of Disaster was recently refurbished:


Walls are still up next door:


The rest of San Francisco looks great:


This street show appears to be quite popular among park Guests:


The London waterfront:


World Expo:


The new Coke experience is still behind walls:


A new building can be spotted behind the walls:


The building housing The Simpsons Ride still looks faded:


Fast Food Boulevard:


As we mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we hope that the next iteration of Universal Studios Florida's nighttime spectacular will not include these massive barges, as they take up a lot of space and look quite unappealing during the day. What do you think? Let us know by sharing your thoughts:


The Lemon Slush & Fruit Cart is currently closed for refurbishment:


Interestingly, Bart was meeting Guests along Hollywood Boulevard instead of Springfield:


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  1. I'd be ok with the barges if the lagoon was larger. But it's so small that the barges take up too much space in it.

  2. We agree with you, Anonymous. Universal Studios Florida's lagoon is one of the smallest bodies of water found in any of the area's theme parks. That doesn't help.

  3. Don't The Simpsons usually meet and greet in Hollywood? I think Krusty and Sideshow Bob stay in Springfield.

  4. @Trent yes, just like woody woodpecker and other characters. I've even seen Olive and Popeye there.

    The barges have great effects, and if they cou;d remove them during the day it would have been great but during the day they are an eyesoar. I hope the lagoon show gets replaced by an awesome nighttime parade. They do a great job at Mardi Grass but a parade with their ip's would be awesome.

  5. The Simpsons family alternates between Hollywood and Springfield. Except when the characters are "sick" aka the actors inside called out for work. Then the remaining characters only meet in Hollywood. The entire family has to be there for them to meet and greet in Springfield. The barges are kinda hideous lol. Unfortunately the city noise ordinance prevents Universal from having large firework displays. Which I guess meanshe we are stuck with the mediocre nighttime show.

    So the reason why we aren't seeing much of fast and furious construction right now is because they have dug the huge basement and are currently starting on the foundation needed for the how building.

  6. I am really taken back by everything you can see around the park that doesn't belong in the specific area that you may currently be in. What an eye sore seeing the coaster track in front of the New York fa├žade. Just one example.

  7. Universal Studios has a blended theming structure to the park. Islands of Adventure has a hard theming structure. In IOA you instantly know when you are in a new land. Compare that to USF where you can meander from New York to San Fran to London and not consciously know that you traveled through three different sections. I will point out that if you look at the newest additions to USF (Diagon Alley, Springfield, Transformers) USF is transitioning into a hard theming format. Makes me excited for Nintendo Land and the other future projects! There's a lot of momentum going over there.

    As for the lagoon, I think they did the best they could given the constraints they had to work with. The barges aren't the best to look at. I would have liked to see them themed somehow. It still would have been nice to have a night time lagoon stunt show but they went with the safer, more predictable route.