Old Town’s Iconic Ferris Wheel to Return Later This Year

US Highway 192 stretches from the edge of Walt Disney World Resort toward St. Cloud, transporting tourists and locals through the Kissimmee region. At the mile 8 marker, a renowned landmark, Old Town's former Ferris wheel, stood for decades before it was removed from the area in 2013 by the previous owners. This iconic structure and visitor favorite is now making a comeback at Old Town as part of the $10 million renovation by new owner, The Travel Corporation.

While the wheel is sure to rekindle many great memories of Old Town, the reimagined entertainment district promises to create more memorable experiences for visitors with new stores and restaurants, upgraded amenities and enhanced entertainment options including new family friendly programming.

Currently in production, the new Ferris wheel has all of the modern features for guest to enjoy including covered gondolas and LED lights. The height is elevated and will provide unobstructed views of the property and the surrounding area. The reimagined entrance with the Ferris wheel as the main attraction will provide a new experience for Old Town visitors, and is scheduled to be in place before the year's end.

The renovation will be phased and includes repairing the infrastructure of the buildings, a new paint job, re-surfacing of the parking lot rand adding over 600 new parking spaces in an adjacent lot purchased as part of the redevelopment. Additionally, the former amusement ride area will have all new children’s rides and a stage for special events. Accompanying the Ferris wheel at the front of the property will be a new two- sided juke box themed pylon sign, a new restaurant concept, and a carousel bar.

Additional information on this renovation project can be found on Old Town's official website.

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  1. he photo is of the Chance Wheel that was last located there. The Concept drawing is a Eli Bridge Aristocrat wheel which originally stood there. Which one will it be. They should put an antique carousel in front, not a carousel "bar".


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