New Details on Animal Kingdom's Nighttime Entertainment

Yesterday morning, the Walt Disney World Resort announced a huge amount of new details regarding all the new attractions and offerings coming to the parks in the coming months. Some of the most exciting new additions are coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom, as it will involve the park staying open until 11 p.m.
Among the announcements, Disney confirmed that The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic live show will officially debut Saturday, May 28, 2016. But there's more!

According to the official website of the Walt Disney World Resort (which was updated yeasterday), The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic will be a 20-minute long show that "will feature memorable moments from the film, including the iconic Shere Khan, and will be filled with music and special effects that celebrate the movie and classic songs, infused with an Indian influence."

Overnight rehearsals for The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic (not open to the general public) will take place May 23-26 in the new amphitheater. Performances are currently scheduled to take place at 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. through the beginning of September. Rivers of Light should debut soon after that.

In addition to that, new Times Guides will debut this Sunday, which will include the showtimes for all the new entertainment offerings that will take place during the evening all around Disney's Animal Kingdom:

FastPass+ and dining packages for Disney’s Animal Kingdom night experiences are now available.

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  1. I look forward to it all, but I find it quite humorous the way Disney has spun the River of Light delay/debacle into Jungle Book with nary a mention of the original show. They make it seem like its been the plan all along - quite handy.
    Rivers of Light, scrubbed from existence. Until it exists, again. Its like a time warp. lol

  2. Seriously? You're holding it against them that they ran into delays and instead of simply nothing they put together a totally appropriate placeholder show that utilizes the tech they are comfortable with at this point?

    You believe they staged the difficulties they're having, because why?

  3. @Lance, I'm sure Anonymous was just making light of what a technological disaster Rivers of Light has become, especially when some believe a 2017 debut is a possibility.

  4. I could not agree with Lance more. Really Trent....technological disaster? Do us all a favor and go to another park (not Disney owned).

  5. Trolling again, anonymous? Boy, for a country that believes in free speech, you certainly hide the fact really well!

  6. Hello Friends and Neighbors, first anonymous here! A couple of you take yourselves and Disney far too seriously.

    No, I do not think Disney staged the failure of the GPS nav system in the barges of the night show JUST so they could switch to Jungle Book theme. I was actually being COMPLEMENTARY about their press office's ease in TOTALLY pasting over the STILL PLANNED show's existence, i.e. the non-obsessed never read about Disney until they go there crowd might actually NOT KNOW Jungle Book is a quick replacement show for the planned one. This is what good PR does. I believe "quite humorous" is a far cry from "holding it against them" Also, I began with "I look forward to it all" and I do.

    Reading comprehension is a lost art I guess.

    And, I'd have to agree with Trent - yes, its a very big tech disaster. It has held up the original show for months. MONTHS. This was not some little glitch.

    Now then, do US a favor: Have a magical day!


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