LEGOLAND Releases New "Imagination Zone" Renderings

Lots of work is currently taking place inside the Imagination Zone building to add several awesome new hands-on activities where kids can set their imaginations free using LEGO bricks. Set to open in late May at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, the facility is turning up the fun in many exciting ways kids are sure to love.
In the past few weeks, the park released additional information (including new artistic renderings) about the new exhibits that will open as part of this attraction.


The Creation Zone will be the whimsical new entrance space of the Imagination Zone.

Step through one of two brightly colored Imagination Zone portals and enter a curving corridor themed to the iconic LEGO brick in every direction, where kids can discover endless ways to design, build, and decorate the walls and floors with their very own creations:
  • At their feet? Padded pits filled with thousands of loose LEGO bricks ready for assembly;
  • On the walls? Enormous LEGO baseplates and shelves for displaying mini masterpieces;
  • Everywhere else? Colorful seating in bright hues scattered throughout the sprawling space.

And that’s just the start of what’s in store! Many more activities await young Guests inside the building.


In the new Water Zone, kids will embark on adventure through a world of water... without getting wet!

With the help of some amazing touch-screen technology, kids can design and build colorful sea creatures out of virtual LEGO bricks using nothing more than their fingertips, then watch them swim through an interactive, floor-to-ceiling coral reef!

Elsewhere in the blue-hued space, kids will find bins filled with lots of loose LEGO bricks to build their own models of sea life both real and imagined, and wall-mounted baseplates to share their creations with other guests.


The new Wheels Zone re-imagines the former Build & Test experience with colorful new graphics.

Here, kids can put their imaginations into overdrive by creating a limitless number of LEGO vehicles to send zooming down timed racing ramps. From cars to carts, trains to trucks, if you can roll it, you can race it!

3-2-1, GO! Who’ll be the first to cross the finish line?


In the Building Zone, kids will have the chance invent and experiment with impossible LEGO structures.

You can test your design and engineering skills by building the tallest earthquake-proof tower, or create the house of your dreams. Whatever you can imagine, make it real with a huge assortment of LEGO bricks.


Using thousands of loose LEGO bricks, kids can build flying, flapping contraptions to the limits of their imagination then put them to the ultimate test by racing their crazy creations against other kids on suspended ziplines. In this zone, if you can build it, you can fly it! Who needs physics or fuel?

ARTISTIC RENDERINGS: © 2016 LEGOLAND Florida Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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