"Frozen Ever After" Attraction Opening on June 21 at Epcot

Last Friday, the Walt Disney World Resort officially announced that Epcot's two new Frozen-themed experiences (the Frozen Ever After ride and the adjacent Royal Sommerhus character greeting location) will officially open their doors to Guests on June 21, 2016. Located in the Norway pavilion, Frozen Ever After will offer Guests an adventurous boat tour through the kingdom of Arendelle and will include new special effects, Audio-Animatronic figures, new sets, and more.

As part of the ride, Guests are first transported to the “Summer Snow Day” Celebration where Queen Elsa creates a beautiful “winter-in-summer” day for the entire kingdom. Next, guests will pass Troll Valley on their way up the icy North Mountain to Queen Elsa’s Ice Palace before their return trip to Arendelle.

The nearby Royal Sommerhus, a completely new building that will become Anna and Elsa’s summer home, will open to Guests and the royal sisters themselves will be there for greeting opportunities.

The Norway Pavilion will open daily at 9 a.m., along with the Future World area of Epcot.

ARTWORK: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I wonder how cheap looking this attraction's going to be.

    1. What makes you think it is going to be cheap? They have had this closed for awhile and they have practically ripped it all out.

  2. They didn't exactly need to pour effort into this to make it what will probably be a success. Remember, Disney isn't making this for the experience. They are making a last cash in on the Frozen brand before they make some strange, unneeded sequel. That being said, a child who likes frozen will not look at the quality of the ride they are on, but the fact that it is Frozen. They will love it, and the parents will love it regardless of whether it's bad or not because it makes their children happy. Disney could very easily do a lazy job on this ride, and no one would care.

  3. I don't see them going the cheap route with this attraction.

    It's length that will be the most interest detail to discover. Hopefully they found a way to slow down the ride to give people something to savor after waiting in line for three hours.

  4. Can Disney add a ride at the Canadian pavilion, PLEASE! Anything would be great. Just tell everyone Frozen actually takes place in Canada and move that ride there! No more folk singers or lumberjacks!! Aargh!

  5. Just bring back Off Kilter!!

  6. Do Disney ever do anything cheap? I am yet to feel disappointed!