Disney Grad Nite H2O Coming to Typhoon Lagoon in 2017

Walt Disney World is reimagining a rite-of-passage event and introducing a new way for high school seniors to celebrate their graduation with their friends and classmates. Beginning with the class of 2017, Disney Grad Nite H2O will debut at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park on select Friday nights in April.
Themed as a beach party, this event will feature Disney characters, music, DJ entertainment, and dance parties, along with the water park’s fun attractions.

The special ticketed event will be offered for $55 plus tax. This ticket price is comparable to prior years (when the event was held at a theme park) but it will also include more extras that were not available before, such as complimentary food and beverage offerings and a commemorative mug.

According to some early reports, the event will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end around 12 a.m. (midnight).

Like Grad Nites in the theme parks, there will be a dress code for this event. More details on the specific guidelines are expected to be released once schools are reserved.

Interested schools will soon be able to register online by visiting Disneygradnite.com to reserve space. Afterwards, seniors may purchase their tickets to this event directly through their high schools.


  1. Dress Code?!?
    How many will "trip" and fall into the water?
    Plus, the park is kind of small compared to a theme park.
    At least the "common" areas are.
    This sounds like a bad idea.

  2. I suspect the dress code says "must were appropriate bathing suit and LEAVE IT ON" not "this is a black tie event"

    The whole point is that this is at a WATER PARK. It is expected that there will be plenty of people in the water.

    The size of the park irrelevant.

  3. Ugh - this has BIG MISTAKE written all over it! Grad Night at the MK had issues many times, now you are adding water to the mix. I fear this could go badly if not monitored VERY CLOSELY!

  4. lol yall grannies worry too much

  5. I'm not seeing what's so horrible about this idea. It will be much more difficult for these young people to conceal contraband like alcohol when they're only wearing a swimsuit.

  6. Alcohol? Ummm, not sure if that's what they are worried about.?

  7. I agree, this sounds like a very bad idea.

  8. Sounds awesome, wish I had this when I went to grad night.