Rivers of Light Update: Walls Are Starting to Come Down

We are less than 20 days away from the official debut of Animal Kingdom's first nighttime show, Rivers of Light. Recent rumors are pointing to a possible delay in the testing process (that would explain why testing of the barges, fountains, and special effects is taking place during the day instead that after park close), but that is currently not expected to impact the April 22 opening date. While we are waiting for soft openings, let's take a look around the Discovery River.

As usual, we were able to spot some of the barges being tested:

Some of the temporary walls in Asia have been removed:

Trees and shrubs have been planted along this section of the pathway to avoid having Guests stop to watch the show from this area when Rivers of Light is taking place. That should help with crowd control:

More lights have been spotted near Anandapur:

One of the boats that will be used by the storytellers:

Moving around the area:

A projector has been installed not too far from the amphitheater:

The pathway leading to Anandapur is also mostly wall-free:

Let's take a closer look at the boat:

The boat was moving around:

A new camera has been spotted near one of the entrances of the new amphitheater:

The wheelchair ramp is now visible from the bridge leading to DinoLand U.S.A.:

We spotted additional barges later in the day:

The amphitheater itself looks great:

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  1. Awesome pics - thanks! 👍

  2. Great update. In the second to last photo, what is that huge orange thing in the background?

  3. The Dino in Dinoland

  4. I noticed that the light/speaker poles that are located over the seating areas in each side of the amphitheater are different colors from one side to the other. Does anyone know why this is? I don't mind it but was just curious.

  5. Yes, thanks for the updates!

  6. @Josh

    Almost all of the light poles in Dinoland are blue, so the Dinoland amphitheatre lights match the rest of that area.

  7. @Josh and jon
    This helps letting people know which part/side of the seating area they're in too. One side may cater to people's disabilities better.

  8. There's been a delay announced.



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