More Universal Orlando Rumors Continue to Surface

Those who follow Orlando Theme Park News on a regular basis will know that we are not particularly fond of sharing rumors, even though we thoroughly enjoy reading them. While we have posted multiple articles regarding some changes expected to come to certain attractions (like Soarin's lengthy closure), we are always very careful about what we post. That being said, one of our reliable sources recently got back to us with some interesting Universal Orlando rumors.

Here you are some excerpts from the original email that we received just a few weeks ago:
1. **Rumor** Richter's is said to be closing relatively soon. Don't know if it's being rebranded or completely torn down. Guess we will find out soon enough.

2. **Rumor** As you might know, the [Terminator 2: 3D] pre-show was recently upgraded... It's been said that the main show is currently in or will soon be in production. Yes, it will probably remain a 3-D attraction, however, a new upgraded refresh is what this show needs. Live actors are also rumored to still be a part of the action.
Let's discuss a bit about the first rumor. According to this source, one of the only offerings still available in the San Francisco themed area of Universal Studios Florida might be closing in the near future. That doesn't sound too far-fetched, especially since the refurbished restaurant could be tied in to the new Fast & Furious themed area, which will still feature some San Francisco landmarks.

The Terminator rumor is also not surprising, especially since we read similar information on other sites, including Orlando United. That said, it is quite surprising to hear that Terminator's theme might still be around in the future, as this attraction was labeled by many as being one of the next to go in the past.

In addition to that, our source shared a few interesting observation about some ongoing projects:

1. [The] crew [of Reign of Kong has] been hard at work rehearsing for a soft opening. This is not guaranteed, mostly because you know how new rides can be. Very temperamental. Universal doesn't want to announce anything as a new ride like this might actually not be ready. However, if things go "smoothly," Skull Island will soft open... anywhere from now until the end of April. 

2. Jimmy Fallon will be keeping the former Twister shell (which, for some reason, was rumored to be entirely knocked down). That's pretty obvious, as they've constructed an addition where the old bathrooms use to be. I can only guess this addition will be either the entrance or the gift shop. It has spaces for several large windows or doors. Universal Creative has been... inspecting all of the truss joints.

3. Disaster demolition has been coming along very nicely. The crew has been extra careful with tearing down that last bit of building. What you can't see is that this building has 2 huge pipes... next to the Hogwarts Express track. Only a few feet of space separates it and with demolition it could potentially shift. If it does hit the track it would be a disaster as they would need to get the track re-inspected. Although it's taking quite a long time, the crew is doing a fantastic job.
Once again, we would like to remind you that the information included in the first quotation box is simply based on rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as we preciously mentioned, this particular source has been right in the past, that is why we felt comfortable sharing them.

Are you looking forward to all these changes coming to the Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know!


  1. I like T-2 just the way it is. Upgrades would be welcoming, but I'm not sure what you could add to the video to make it better. The Genesys sequel got cancelled.

  2. Genesys obliterated the Terminator storyline. I would be surprised if the attraction still remains.

  3. Universal must keep T2. Its one of the few places to go to keep cool in the summer!

  4. Men in Black is the coldest building in the park. That thing is kept on like 40 in the summer. Almost as cold as the IceBar haha

  5. Yes, Men In Black is very cold!