Additional Details on New Nighttime Tree of Life Awekening

As previously announced, starting from Friday, April 22, the Tree of Life will draw Animal Kingdom Guests to Discovery Island for a lively gathering where the animal figures carved on the tree will be brought to life, revealing moments of wonder and enchantment. The Tree of Life connects all living things, and in the "awakening" of this iconic structure, its energy is brought to life in the form of playful fireflies surrounding the tree, as well as other very unique animations.

How often will the Tree of Life awaken?
The tree will awaken multiple times per evening to surprise and delight Guests and reveal moments of marvel. Once the tree awakens, it will remain active throughout the evening with multiple 2-3-minute animal fables, as well as shorter, enchanting scenes of nature and animal activity.

Where can Guests see the Tree of Life awaken?
The best place for Guests to view the awakening is in the center of the hub. Guests will only be able to view the awakening at the front of the Tree of Life, nothing will be visible from the back of the tree.

Is the Tree of Life awakening connected to “Rivers of Light”?
These are two separate experiences to enjoy, however both celebrate the stories that animals can share and showcase the magic of nature. The Tree of Life awakenings will be 2-3-minute-long experiences, whereas “Rivers of Light” is a nighttime, waterside show featuring lights, lanterns, fountains, and more.


  1. Yet we still do not know the hours for Animal Kingdom beginning in just 19 days when these night time attractions are set to start. It is still pretty bright out at 6 pm.

  2. We are staying on property at the end of May. We would like to book our FP selections for this park in the evening but the calendar still shows the park closing at 6:30. When will we know how late the park will be open, the times of the shows, and when FP will be available for that night?


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