Universal Studios Update: Demolition Work Continuing

Two important construction projects are currently going on at Universal Studios Florida. The former Twister building continues to be gutted to make way for the new Race Through New York Staring Jimmy Fallon ride, while the old Disaster! location is being flattened to start constructing a much bigger showbuilding for the new Fast & Furious: Supercharged attraction (both will open in 2017).
Today we will share with you some pictures taken in the park a few days ago.

Let's begin by taking a look around the former Twister building:

A lot of work continues to be done behind the scenes:

Notice that the space formerly occupied by restrooms is being expanded even more:

New steel pieces were installed near the old attraction entrance earlier today (not pictured):

Moving on:

Disaster! is now just a thing of the past:

A very small section still stands:

The train is even more visible to Guests now:

It appears that the fountain may remain:

Work also continues on a nearby facade:

The new Hello Kitty store is now more visible thanks to the new logos on the awnings:

We will conclude with some more photos taken inside this shop:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I had no idea Hello Kitty was such a big thing.

  2. How on earth did they conceive a plan that replaces the iconic Lucille Ball with a cartoon Kitty ?
    Perhaps they see an opportunity to tap into the kid's piggy banks even more. Who knows. One thing's for sure is that a lot of people will be saddened by this move.

  3. Unfortunately, many young people don't know who Lucille Ball was, but they know Hello Kitty. You would think on a park that prides itself on its movie and TV history (just look in their stores with the movie items and fake oscars), Universal would leave some iconic buildings alone. Its all about the dollar sign. Too bad!

  4. Sad to see Disaster! and Twister go. Jimmy Fallon? Really??

  5. I went to Uni in 1990 as a kid, when it opened, and I didn't know who Lucille Ball was then. Out with the old, in with the new.

  6. I get that Universal has to appeal to the $. But I (and others from my generation) are not dead yet and we have way more money than any 14 year old Hello Kitty fan. Can we have a tribute for old Hollywood icons, keep the history alive and continue to grow. That is not too much to ask...

    I love Universal, it is my favorite park on Earth!

  7. Problem begins when you try to define old hollywood icon and classic.
    DHS Great Movie Ride is often derided as being outdated and when people start suggesting movies that THEY consider classic, the scope of the problem is shown.
    (ever notice that just about anything with the word Pixar attached is instantly a 'classic'? that's the mindset for animation, for ski-fi real action its worse)

    They really don't want movie or tv centric themed parks, they just want thrill rides,and demand something new every visit.