Theme Park Food Reviews: Fast Food Boulevard (PART 1)

Our friend Joe Morganelli is back once again with two new food reviews.
About two weeks ago, he checked out a few of the offerings available at select Flower & Garden Festival kiosks located around Epcot's World Showcase. This afternoon, he will share with us his thoughts regarding two food items currently being sold in the Springfield area of Universal Studios Florida: the turkey wrap from Moe's Tavern and the fish taco from the Bumblebee Man Taco Truck.

- TURKEY WRAP (Moe's Tavern) -

- FISH TACO (Bumblebee Man Taco Truck) -

As a reminder, all the proceeds earned through the ads shown before Morganelli's videos are donated to people in need. We personally want to thank him again for sharing these great reviews with us.

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