Theme Park Food Reviews: 2016 Flower & Garden Festival

Food and beverage offerings have always been key components of a complete theme park experience (we know how much our Readers love that word).
In the past years, this has become even more obvious thanks to the introduction of unique food and beverage options that are only available in certain themed lands. In addition to that, some festivals held at theme parks such as Epcot and Busch Gardens have been adding new offerings to cater to even more Guests.

Since there are so many choices in this day and age, some of our own Readers may be interested in knowing what they should try during their next visit to the parks. For that reason, Orlando Theme Park News recently started a partnership with Joe Morganelli, a theme park fan that enjoys reviewing restaurants, kiosks, and other eateries located within the confines of Orlando's amazing attractions.

This week, Joe visited Epcot to try some of the offerings available during this year's Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. His opinions have been captured in three separate videos embedded below.

And that is all for now. We really hope that you enjoyed Joe's videos (by the way, all the proceeds earned through the ads shown before the videos are donated to people in need), and we personally want to thank him for sharing them with us. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

VIDEOS BY: Joe Morganelli (


  1. Lol. I could have sworn he was going to walk smack into that tree in the first video!

  2. Thanks for your reviews! Making a list of what to and not to try.

    Drinking around the world, LOL. I will stay tuned. Should be a fun one with you getting more comfortable as the drinks pour. (And suspect the ratings will go higher and higher along with it.)


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