Rivers of Light Update: Testing the Lotus Flower Barges

The new Rivers of Light show will officially debut exactly one month from today at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This nighttime spectacular promises to engage the senses of Guests of all ages, multiple times each evening.
While we wait for the grand opening day, let's take a look around the Discovery River to see the amount of progress that has been done in the past few days. As you'll see, some of the show's amazing props are being tested during the day.

Spring is in the air at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park:

The Rivers of Light amphitheater seems to be almost ready to open:

The other half of the amphitheater:

Scaffolding has been installed around a speaker:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the beautiful lotus flower-shaped barges that will soon "dance" around the river are being tested during regular park hours (but mostly in the afternoon):

Let's take a closer look:

Notice the beautifully-themed tech booth just behind the barges:

An even closer view of one the barges:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. OTPN, please be sure to take plenty of photos of Streets of America with all its details and little things that seem mundane and insignificant as soon it will be gone. All the elements such as the shops, dining, queues, drinking fountains, curbs, berms, fences, backstage gates etc should be photographed so we have a record of the paSt and can see how different and hopefully better themed whatever replaces it will be. Even though it may seem like it's nothing special, having a large documentation of what this area once looked like will be great to look back on.

  2. I'm happy this show will be like a hybrid of Fantasmic/WoC but I feel like a clone of WoC just themed to nature would have better. WoC is just breath taking in person

  3. I agree Anon #2. WoC is simply amazing in person and by far my favorite night time show Disney has ever done. I feel like Rivers of Light will be good, but I feel like it might be kinda slow. Kinda of like Illuminations at Epcot during the middle portion when it is just the globe. We will see soon when it opens I guess. I just don't feel like it will have enough to really "WOW" guests without the same level of fountains that WoC has.

  4. Looking forward to seeing this awesome looking show - thanks for the update! 👍

  5. lol yall judging a show that you, nor anybody, has seen yet

  6. At least they have a little more room here for the Orca's to jump around in during this show; should keep PETA off their backs (I'm joking, please don't hate me ;-)

    This show is looking like it will fantastic and for someone who's not a lover of fireworks, will be a perfect alternative for when I next come to visit Orlando. Thanks OPN for your great updates!

  7. Just a friendly reminder that cloning World of Color was never an option at Animal Kingdom. Just as Fireworks would disturb the animals, installing permanent hardware on the river bed would disturb the aquatic eco-system (yes there are fish living in there among other things). This show was designed with the living environment in mind. Everything from the soundtrack to those speaker poles that people have been so quick to complain about has been very carefully designed to have minimal impact on the wildlife. The design challenges Disney faces at Animal Kingdom are unique and unlike any other Disney Park. That said, I believe this new show, unlike anything we've ever seen before, is going to be something very special and wonderful.

  8. We will be at Disney April 6-12th. Is there any chance we will get to see a Rivers of Light soft opening during this time? I haven't found any information with any soft opening dates scheduled.

  9. We will be at the park on April 23rd and REALLY want to reserve a fastpass for the show so we can guarantee a seat with a view - have they mentioned when they might open this as an option? I keep checking online and so far it is not listed as a fastpass opportunity although have heard it is planned to be???