Minor Changes Coming to Two Hollywood Studios Lands

A few days ago, we posted a brief news on our social media pages involving a newly-renamed themed area of Disney's Hollywood Studios. This afternoon we are going to follow up on that news to add a few more details and to discuss about possible future plans for one of the oldest (yet most appreciated) areas of a park that's undergoing its biggest expansion ever. Indeed, it looks like the Walt Disney World Resort is finally ready to give the Muppets a bit more elbow room.

As previously announced, many of the attractions currently located in the Streets of America themed area of Disney's Hollywood Studios will be officially closing to the public on April 2, 2016. Among the offerings that will be closing their doors we can find Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure, the Premiere Theater, as well as a character greeting location, some food & beverage locations (including the Studio Catering Co. restaurant), and a few stores.

With the removal of all of these offerings, Muppet*Vision 3D will become the only attraction in that area of the park, which will therefore renamed and will become Muppets Courtyard and will also include the nearby restaurants and shops. The old Pizza Planet restaurant (which is currently closed for a lengthy refurbishment) and Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano are expected to be re-themed to fit in this land.

Additionally, the small Mickey Avenue area (located next to Pixar Place) will be eliminated, and the Walt Disney: One Man's Dream attraction will become part of the nearby Animation Courtyard.

The following map highlights all of the areas (including some backstage locations) that will be closed:

Therefore, starting April 3, Disney’s Hollywood Studios Guests will find the following themed areas:
  • Hollywood Boulevard;
  • Sunset Boulevard;
  • Echo Lake;
  • Commissary Lane;
  • Pixar Place;
  • Animation Courtyard;
  • Muppets Courtyard.
A new park map will reflect all of these changes. We will continue to keep you updated on this regard.

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  1. Hearing the Muppets aren't going away, but actually expanding is so far my favorite news about the construction!

  2. Any word about the possible Guardians of the Galaxy overlay for the Tower of Terror (both California Adventure and Disney Studios)?

  3. @ 3rd anon:
    Pretty sure that's just an early April Fool's joke.

  4. Is Muppets Courtyard an island between Star Wars Land on one side and Star Tours on the other side? The demolition acreage seems awfully incomplete. The Star Wars conceptual artwork for DHS should be released soon so we have an idea.

  5. The GotG overlay is definitely coming to DCA, but not DS. The entire area of DCA is most likely getting rethemed.

  6. I trust Joe will do a great job with Marvel at DCA. As cor the DAY rumor, that was started by the troll master. Funny to watch his minions fall for it.

  7. @ Timmy

    I'm pretty sure Star Tours is actually the end of Star Wars land, and its taking over everything in front of that (towards Indiana Jones and Echo Lake) and expanding into current backstage areas. I think part of Streets of America and LMA will be turning into backstage areas for the time being.

  8. Looks like WDW will have the only ToT in the US. Another Orlando exclusive.

  9. It's not "definitely" coming to DCA. That's just a possible solution to retheming the area to Marvel. Nothing's decided yet.

  10. @Anonymous 3/21 2:04PM, I would disagree because that yellow marked area cannot possibly be Toy Story stretching throughout the demo'd area. They will only construct 2 new rides in that area. They haven't demolished Star Wars Land yet and I wonder why not? They have an ambitious calendar.

  11. Toy story is 14 acres on the west side, Star Wars is 14 acres on the east side.
    Muppets and flex space (one off attractions) in between on the southern side (bottom).

    The southwest corner (lower left on this map) will remain a very necessary maintenance/construction entrance with a small yard for equipment and materials.

    Eventually the remainder of the park will be recast as well, for the entire overall DHS concept is changing.

  12. They need to get Toy Story further along before more demo for Star Wars. They need the ride capacity that Muppets and Indy provides. They are losing LMA already. Similar to the way DCA 2 was constructed in many respects. Fun to watch the process.