Magic Kingdom Park Update: Repainting the Castle Towers

Not much is currently going on at Magic Kingdom, even though the park is still reaping benefits resulting from the opening of the New Fantasyland area a few years ago and, more recently, the expanded hub and the Skipper Canteen.
Of course, minor projects continue to take place around the park to improve the Guest experience even more. One of these projects involved the refurbishment of the Cinderella Castle towers. Take a quick look around the park with us.

It's always great to see the Main Street Vehicles riding along Main Street U.S.A. during the morning:

Due to concrete work, Cast Members performing in the Trolley Show were using the Fire Engine:

Concrete work continues to be done in the area:

The large crane seen next to Cinderella Castle was up during the morning:

New trees have been planted by the outdoor seating area of Casey's Corner:

Some very colorful flowers now adorn both sides of the walkway leading to the First Aid:

Entering Adventureland:

Rafiki was just walking around the area:

Heading to the Caribbean Plaza:

While the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction still looks great after the major refurbishment it received, we noticed a couple of issues during our last visit. First of all, the Auctioneer could not be heard due to sound issues. All the other characters could be heard very well, but the voice of the Auctioneer was very faint. In addition to that, a new, temporary-looking wall has been installed behind the pirate stealing the hats and attempting to board a boat. We have no idea about its purpose:

Captain Jack Sparrow:

Guests were waiting in line to experience Country Bear Jamboree, which opened at 11 a.m.:

In the afternoon, the crane working on Cinderella Castle was lowered:

Some work continues to be done right outside the Castle Couture shop:

Work also continues to be done on the ramp on the left side of the castle:

Thanks for visiting the park with us!:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. It's funny to see how easily everyone has adopted the Disney 'experience' code word for everything. Yes, it's not that new, it's a huge fad, , but Disney has been seriously tagging it onto everything now and the good minions follow along.

    From parking to waiting: every step is an experience. Attractions which is dispeak for Rides, are now being touted as experiences,

    actually read a post the other day "We're going to do the safari experience". It's all so wrong.

  2. So beautiful except for those lighting stancions. Why must there always be something that compromises the immersion?

    Very bizarre. I even hear they are rebuilding the stage in front of the GMR at the studios.

  3. Stancions ruin the view.

  4. Wow. It's just a word. I guess some people have to complain about everything.

  5. Wasn't a complaint Alex, it's an observation. Words mean things. One does not "do" an experience.
    It's also commentary about how easily the people of today have their vocabulary, their expectations, their very thoughts and actions molded buy others.

    I'm sorry you failed to comorhend my comments and that those comments resulted in an unsatisfactory forum experience for you.

    Have a Magical Day! /throws pixie dust on Alex

  6. Thanks for this great update!😄

  7. It's funny to see how easily everyone has adopted to hating on Disney.

  8. I don't see anything here in the comments that indicates a hatred of Disney.

  9. What is with the CBJ line? I've never seen it look like that.

  10. Jamboree must not have had the doors open yet, lots of room inside.

    "there was blood on the saddle..."

  11. "It's all so wrong."

    That sure seems like a complaint, to me. Regardless, the word experience is both a noun and a verb. As such, you can certainly "do" an experience.

  12. He didn't say anything about Disney, he was making more of a social commentary about how corporations can influence speech (and manage expectations at the same time).

    Years ago, Disney would build and advertise "attractions," which could be rides, shows, or movies. Today they market "experiences," which all too often are cheap additions like meet-and-greets. By changing it's terminology, Disney has subliminally changed it's customers' expectations. Where Disney used to build attractions, they now build experiences, and therefore can hype a mere meet-and-greet and still say they added to the guest experience.

    And you can't "do" an experience. With an abstract noun like that, you can "have" an experience, but can't "do" it.