FastPass+ Change at Select Walt Disney World Attractions

Most Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort have gotten accustomed to the relatively new FastPass+ procedures by now. After having selected up to three experiences through their mobile device or using one of the in-park kiosks, Guests make their way to the first attraction they chose (during their return window) and subsequently scan their tickets or MagicBand on two occasions: at the FastPass+ entrance and the merge point. That process is being adjusted.

Starting from this week, touch points located at the merge point of most Walt Disney World attractions have been disabled, meaning that Guests now only have to scan their tickets or MagicBands once.

While this could appear to be a very small change for Guests, it actually brings some implications. Previously, not all Guests had to necessarily scan their tickets at the entrance (the entrance touch points were used simply to check if a Guest had a FastPass+ or not, but would not redeem the FastPass+ entitlement), now they are required to do so. Failure to touch a MagicBand to the entry touch point could impact the Guest’s ability to modify or create new FastPass+ selections for the remainder of the day.

This change could also speed up the boarding process, especially at the most popular attractions. Scanning tickets twice resulted in a lot of wasted time in some occasions (Guests looking for their ticket, not lining up the MagicBands correctly, etc.), as the merge point is located too close to the loading area.

This is currently just a test that could be ended if Guests start taking advantage of this to jump in line.

PHOTO: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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