Discovery Cove Welcomes Newborn Dolphin Named Skye

Discovery Cove in Orlando has a new reason to celebrate dolphin awareness month this March with the birth of Skye – a 52-pound newborn dolphin.
On February 23rd, 2016 at approximately 5:36 a.m., 32-year old dolphin, Astra gave birth to this flippered bundle of joy. The newborn is a healthy 4-foot long calf that is nursing and bonding with her mother. Skye is the 30th dolphin to be born at Discovery Cove since it opened. She will join her mom and her sisters.

The Discovery Cove Team is excited to welcome this new addition and is providing around-the-clock care for Astra and her new calf. The veterinary and animal care team has been observing the progress of the baby 24 hours a day, ensuring the highest level of care is being provided by monitoring her behavior, respirations and nursing.

Just this past week, the SeaWorld and Discovery Cove Veterinary Team performed their first neonatal wellness exam on the calf with mother, Astra by her side. These neonatal examinations are a crucial part of the general health care given to all animals at SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove.

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