Catastrophe Canyon Demolished at Hollywood Studios

Catastrophe Canyon has officially become another extinct attraction of Disney's Hollywood Studios. The climax of the former Studio Tour has been completely demolished to make way for a new themed area expected to include multiple attractions (it is unclear whether it will be the location of the new Star Wars Land or if it will be part of the rumored third phase of the park's expansion project).
Disney has been very quick in demolishing the structure. That's very surprising.

It is amazing to think that such an imposing structure used to stand in this area:

All that's left is pieces of steel and some pipes:

The view of the area from another angle:

The motion base simulating an earthquake is also gone:

Only a small section of the once imposing rockwork remains:

Sadly, the Earfel tower will soon follow Catastrophe Canyon:

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  1. That truck finally exploded....... ;)

  2. Hopefully they'll move the plane to Disney Springs

  3. So sad.

    BTW OTPN, they updated the Uni resort app yesterday.

  4. It'd be nice if they opened up the Disney One for tours... a little plexiglas and some LED lights would guest-proof it.

  5. Martin: lol good one!

    The plane is a Grumman/Gulfstream G-159. Current in registration and likely airworthy. Nothing much to really "tour" and I just can't see that as worth the hassle and expense. There are a couple of photos online said to be the Disney interior showing a couch and chair. I found Walt's two offices more interesting and informative.

    NOTHING is guest proof, you silly person. :)

  6. What rumored third phase?? You're not talking Pixar right? Something beyond that?

  7. @Jason

    There's a rumored phase that'll bring Radiator Springs Racers, after SW & Toy Story are done.

  8. I wonder if they saved the tanker truck? It would look good on display somewhere, in honor of Catastrophe Canyon. Probably not. $$$

  9. The 'truck' is gone.

    There are rumors of a Phase 3, Phase 4, a 5th park, a new Disney Universal merger, a new Disney Universe somewhere out by Alpha Centauri, or maybe in Texas. Seriously, toss an idea up into the air and a message thread will spring up around it.

    But the other phases are generally thought to be something like a Cars Land to Monsters/Pixar centric, to Marvel (non-Uni characters)

    Rumors are rumors, its all wide open speculation.

    Once Disney announces the new overall theme or name for the entire park itself, the choices will become more defined. That is assuming they announce a new theme or name..

  10. Disney fans are a funny bunch. There are complaints about things going away, and complaints about the new stuff coming, and complaints that there isn't new stuff, and complaints that the new stuff isn't coming fast enough (thats me!)

    Then there are the rumor mongers. They are only worried about the unknown. As soon as a project is known, they move on. Phase 3 is a very hot topic in many fan circles... and its total BS. At no point has there been any direct or even indirect acknowledgment of a phase 3. No mention from anyone discussing Star Wars Land and following it up with "and there is more to come!" Heck even a few people think it will be the expansion of star wars land....they haven't even built it, and people are talking expansion?!?!?!

    News for you guys... and I'm 0% certain on this... it won't be cars land. That has been built, and I doubt they will build it again.

    Me personally, the more that comes down the more room they have to put things up. I'm excited for the 2 announced expansions, and the AK avatar land... thats enough to keep me interested for a few years.


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