Backstage Work Continues at Disney's Hollywood Studios

As the park continues to get ready to start building two new themed lands, work continues to take place in backstage areas at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
In addition to the demolition of Catastrophe Canyon and the work being done to vacate the former Creative Costuming building, a quite large portion of the backstage areas located south of the existing Cast Member parking garage was closed and officially became a construction zone on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Here is a map showing the area that closed on March 15 (which was not accessible by park Guests):

The new construction zone is believed to be the rough location of the new Slinky Dog-themed coaster.

Also, as you can clearly see, the area encompasses also the water tower of Disney's Hollywood Studios. The park confirmed that the water tower will be removed as part of the re-branding process of the park.

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  1. I hope that they sneak a nod to Ernest Saves Chistmas in there somewhere. It would be perfect as Jim Varney voiced Slinky dog and Ernest Saves Chistmas was one of the few and first movies filmed on the MGM back lot.

  2. I love the arial view of the park, it really helps visualize what's going on. Thanks for the update!

  3. Anyone notice the paper areoplane in the bottom right hand corner on the concept artwork. I wonder if thats a clue as to where Walts plane will move to from the backlot tour

    they cant get rid of that plane

  4. I don't think, Martin the plane will be a good fit there. I don't think in an immersive area like Toy Storyland Disney would risk it getting damage. You could not come close to it when the tour was running. I think they might transport it to the Disney museum or to the studios or another place-maybe Epcot since there is a lot of land available there. The plane is an iconic part of Disney history. It would be a shame to scrap it.

  5. Karen I think you're on the right track. It certainly won't be scrapped, nor subjected to abuse by guests of any age.

    Besides, there are many aviation museums that would gladly add it to their collections.


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