Additional Nighttime Kilimanjaro Safaris Details Released

The new Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular might be this year's most exciting addition for Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, but it won't be the only one.
Among the other new offerings, the very popular Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction will start operating after sundown for the first time, allowing Guests to observe some animal species that are more active at night. Earlier this morning, the Walt Disney World Resort released additional information about this experience.

How is the new “nighttime safari” different than the regular (daytime) Kilimanjaro Safaris?
As most Guests will already know, this will not be an entirely new attraction, just an extension of the operating hours of Kilimanjaro Safaris. Because of that, it will NOT be referred to as a new experience.

When will it start every night?
There won’t be a set time for the magical transition from day to night, but the time will depend on when the sun sets and when dusk begins. The lights that have been added to the savanna show the effects of an everlasting sunset, which could last between 4 and 5 hours each evening. This confirms the recent information stating that Disney's Animal Kingdom could close as late as 11:30 p.m. on select nights.

What will be different for Guests experiencing this attraction after sundown?
The ride path will be adjusted, but the trucks will make longer stops, giving Guests more time to see the animals in the sunset-lit savanna landscape. The transition from the daytime to the night will also include turning on more of the safari trucks’ exterior lights to ensure the safety of the animals and passengers.

Will Guests be able to take photos on the safaris?
Once the safaris transition into the nighttime portion, Guests will be asked to refrain from using flash photography for the safety and comfort of other Guests. Because the lighting will be lower, the nighttime safaris will emphasize sounds that evoke the emotions and ambiance of nighttime on an African safari.

Will all of the offerings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park have extended night hours?
Other animal experiences, like the Wilderness Explorers, Maharajah Jungle Trek, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, will continue to close at sunset.


  1. Has any info been released as to when this might start? With the Earth Day start of the night show?

  2. No questions about the ealth of animals that with the artificial lights have to stay waked up when they're supposed to sleep?

  3. I've assumed from the announcements that only nocturnal (or similar) animals will be out during the night safari.


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