"Zootopia" and "The Lion Guard" at Rafiki's Planet Watch

Disney's latest animated feature "Zootopia" and the Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard" are slowly taking over Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom.
While there will be no substantial additions coming to this remote area of the park, Guests visiting Rafiki's Planet Watch can take a behind-the-scenes look at how Zootopia was created thanks to a small exhibit featuring drawings and real life photos of the locations that were visited to get inspiration for the movie.

In addition to that, multiple banners advertising "The Lion Guard" have been installed around the area. A new, interactive scavenger hunt game themed to this Disney Junior series will also be introduced this coming Sunday. The game will then conclude at Rafiki's Planet Watch. Take a look around:

"The Lion Guard" banners include some of the main characters from the TV series:

Inside Conservation Station, Guests can now find the "Zootopia" exhibit mentioned at the beginning:

"Life-size" cutouts of some of the movie's characters can be found around this area:

The exhibit includes multiple photos and videos:

All of the following photos were taken around the park and the nearby Animal Kingdom Lodge:

The rest of the exhibit also includes drawings to show the character development process:

We are definitely looking forward to see this movie. It looks incredibly fun:

The rest of Conservation Station still looks mostly the same:

An exception would be the newer Disney Conservation Fun exhibit:

This is another interesting area showing how we can all make a difference in taking care of the earth:

The stage outside the building:

It's time to leave, sadly.

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  1. No Kumba, No Montu, No Sheikra, No fun. Animal Kingdom sucks.

  2. Is that Hans on the scale photo?
    *sigh* I guess Frozen really does need to go everywhere.

  3. Nevermind, forget that swipe at Disney. It's just a guy who looks like him.

    My bad...