Walt Disney World Resort's Creative Costuming is Moving

That exciting expansion projects are beginning at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort is by no means surprising, yet some fans were starting to worry due to the very little progress that has been done at Disney's Hollywood Studios since the announcements of the two brand-new themed lands.
In addition to the closure of some areas of the park, a very important backstage building will soon be demolished to make way for the new Toy Story Land.

Indeed, Cast Members have been informed that Creative Costuming teams have already been moved to new facilities in both Orlando and Anaheim to "make room for the expanding parks."

Those familiar with Disney's Hollywood Studios will remember that the path of the former Studio Backlot Tour actually went past the large Creative Costuming building, which is located right next to the former loading/unloading area of that attraction. The building is highlighted in the following map:

Walt Disney World's Creative Costuming moved to a new facility on the east side of Orlando. Their new location will provide garments for Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Resort. The Anaheim team relocated to a new 160,000 square foot facility on Miller Street.

Both teams have already moved, so it's likely that the old buildings will be demolished/repurposed soon.

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  1. For anyone wondering, it moved off property, about 30m away near OIA. You can see the warehouse here: http://bit.ly/1SEWQPA Now why they would pay someone to rent a warehouse and ship the costumes back and forth when you could set up shop in the warehouses behind MK or near the distribution centers north of Port Orleans is a mystery to me.


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