Toy Story Midway Mania Closing for One Day on March 15

As work continues at Disney's Hollywood Studios to open an additional track at Toy Story Mania this summer, this attraction will not be available on March 15.
Guests who had made a FastPass+ selection for Toy Story Mania on that day will be provided with a FastPass+ selection for another experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since this closure is linked to the new track, it's possible that the majority of the work will be done in the existing queue area of the ride.


  1. Is the 3rd track gonna be just for FP+ guests only leaving the current 2 for standby only?

  2. Andy, Its almost certainly the other way round. Two tracks for FP+ and one track for standby. That fits with the current way they try to merge most rides of 2/3rds FP to 1/3rd standby.


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