Disney Parks Release New Star Wars Land Renderings

Thousands of Disney theme park fans on the East Coast of the United States watched "The Wonderful World of Disney" show on ABC earlier this evening.
This television special celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort in California, and it included some exclusive artistic renderings of the new Star Wars themed lands coming to Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios, images of some of Shanghai Disneyland's themed areas, and more.

Let's take a close look at the artworks featured during the program. As you'll see, some are brand-new:

These renderings were already released during the D23 Expo, which took place last year:

The following images show the interior of one of the ride vehicles of the Millennium Falcon ride:

The following renderings seem to represent the rumored trackless dark ride:

In this concept art you can get a sneak peek of the proposed ride vehicle on the right side:

The rest of this immersive themed land will be just as amazing. Take a look at all the different locations:

We hope that the land will include at least the majority of the characters depicted in the artworks:

This restaurant might also feature Audio-Animatronic figures an multiple special effects:

Other areas of the land promise to be truly stunning:

We will conclude with some renderings of Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland and Treasure Cove:

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RENDERINGS: © 2016 Disney Parks & Resorts. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The art, the vision, always looks great. Pandora has the same: just a few people walking through a marvelous and vibrant land. 'citizens' of these worlds in their native dress so casually walking through the quiet streets, stormtroopers hanging about bored with their security detail, etc.

    Never going to happen. What you will see instead are the "resort wear" clad masses packing the place.

    Most overused word in Disney lexicon: "immersion"
    Second now is probably "experience"

    We go often, and enjoy the place for the most part. If there were only less people lol

    I wonder what they'll call the chicken fingers that are demanded to exist everywhere...

  2. All the best laid plans mean nothing when they haven't even stirred up a cloud of dirt yet. :( Saw somewhere all they've done for the Toy Story area is moved out some people who still worked there and some storage containers.

    I'm going to start saving up my DVC points for when everything is open, but unsure if that will be 2019 20, 21...


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