Universal Studios: Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop News

The small Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop that recently opened at Universal Studios Florida continuously adds new items that many theme park fans would love to own (you wouldn't like to display a themed prop used as part of one of the resort's attractions?). In the past few days, more items from Disaster and Twister were added, including the "Dorothy" machine and some set pieces from the pre-show portion of the earthquake-themed attraction. Take a look:

The Williams of Hollywood shop is found along Hollywood Boulevard:

Two new statues greet Guests before even entering the shop:

The "Dorothy III" is the first props Guests see now when entering the location:

The cow used as part of the main show at Twister is now being sold:

It will cost you about $5,000:

There is also a bike that was used in one of the pre-show rooms of Twister:

The largest room of the prop shop has even more new items:

Another cow from Twister:

This themed wall was found inside on of Disaster's pre-show rooms:

Bright red letters are also available for purchase (they can be bought separately):

Another prop from Disaster:

More miscellaneous props:

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  1. Who really gonna buy anything from this shop.

  2. I will drop 50 bucks for one of the Eeylops' Owl Treats boxes if they aren't hoping to put them in the new Owl Emporium window....