"TradNation" Show Debuts in the Canada Pavilion at Epcot

Live entertainment is an integral part of the World Showcase experience, immersing Guests in the diverse cultures of the nations represented at Epcot.
On Friday, January 15, the park introduced a taste of the rich French Canadian heritage of Quebec as TradNation, a musical family ensemble, joined the park's show lineup. TradNation showcases a repertoire of traditional songs as well as original family compositions that have been passed down through the ages.

In Québécois tradition, music is often a community experience that brings families, friends and neighbors together to play at every opportunity, from front porches to festival stages. This interactive, musical celebration of life is offered as a limited engagement five days a week on the Mill Stage in Canada.


  1. The only Canadians who would be "entertained" by this would be French Canadian grandmothers! What is wrong with Epcot when it comes to Canada? It is embarassing. They have Disneyized instrumental music piped in using a song called "Chante Mon Paye" -loosely translated "sing of my country". This song is the anthemn of Quebec separatists- people who want the province to leave Canada. Just because it talks about winter, doesn't mean it's represents all of Canada! I even complained to Disney about it, but the song remains. So, we have moved from a terrible lumberjack show to foot tapping and spoon clicking. Augh! Would you want musicians from Delieverance to represent the US. Pavilion? I think not! Shut the damn thing down. If Epcot can't represent Canada in a more respectful way, then just show the 360 degree film and the buildings. Hey, I would even be willing to hear a cover band for Bryan Addams than this!

  2. They just can not get Canada right. They would be better off picking a Great Big Sea cover band and feature East Coast Music. There is more to Canada than snow and Quebec. Do not exclude Quebec, but don't feature that province solely. Doing either indicates a lack of understanding of Canadian culture, and politics.