More Attractions Closing at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Yesterday morning the Walt Disney World Resort officially confirmed that the "Lights, Motors, Action!" Extreme Stunt Show will shut its doors for the final time on April 2, 2016, along with other nearby locations that were not mentioned.
Today, Disney confirmed that more attractions and offerings will also close that day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, including Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, Monsters, Inc. character greeting, Studio Catering Co., and more.

In addition to that, the iconic Earffel Tower (the water tower that has been one of the multiple icons of the park in the past 26 years) is also slated to be removed to make way for the new Toy Story Land.

Here is a map highlighting the areas (including backstage locations) that will become construction zones starting April 2, 2016 (note that this is just a fan-made map based purely on Disney's announcements):


When do the new Star Wars-inspired/Toy Story-inspired lands open?
Construction will soon begin for the expansion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we look forward to sharing more details on the expansion in the future.

What offerings will be available in these new lands?
A new, 14-acre Star Wars-themed land will transport Guests to a never-before-seen planet with two signature attractions, including a customized secret mission on the Millennium Falcon and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts Guests in the middle of a climactic battle. And, a new, 11-acre Toy Story Land will include a family-friendly roller coaster and an alien saucers attraction, in addition to the previously announced third track for Toy Story Mania.

Is anything else closing as part of the expansion?
No. At this time, no other additional closures are planned.

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  1. Oh could they not incorporate the Earffel Tower in to the new Toy Story Land

  2. coukd vs want are two different things

    Could, want, need, are 3

    And must is illusion

  3. The real question is, where is the new monorail station going? You know, the one that offers a connection to Epcot? That also maybe connects to Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs? That's gonna be awesome...;)

  4. YES!!! Muppet Vision is a survivor!

  5. So I guess Star Tours will not be incorporated into the new land. Kinda weird to have Star Wars scattered around the park.

  6. Even though they are closing LMA, it is still rumored that Star Wars land will go in the area from Star Tours towards Indy and out in the parking lot.

  7. This makes sense rather than having 2 construction zones. A bit of magic could hide the entrance to muppet area? And the route down the existing streets could be the path to Star Wars main land. Similar to cars land? Those that want to queue could ride the shuttle from endor "star tours?"
    I hope the new Falcon ride is not on a tram through an unstable canyon with a water surprise?

  8. Just don't understand the 'why" for Toy Story Land. That movie property is OLD and kids don't even care about Toy Story anymore.


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