Magic Kingdom Update: Heading Toward the Slow Season

The busiest time of the year for the Central Florida area is finally behind us, and a much quieter period of time is approaching. That being said, Magic Kingdom continues to feel crowded, and that's apparent when looking at the wait times.
While we wait for crowds to dissipate even more, let's walk look around the park to see what has changed since our last visit. As you will notice by looking through the photos, there are quite a few minor - yet interesting - news to report.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

Wait times for character greeting locations were not too bad at the Town Square Theater:

The back of the Tomorrowland buildings is not as intrusive thanks to the new trees in the bypass:

Main Street, U.S.A.:

The central hub:

The new lights are a great addition:

Both castle ramps are finally almost ready. The permanent railings are still missing, though:

The west castle ramp:

The expanded hub was definitely needed. This area no longer feels as crowded:

The temporary railings on top of some of the Main Street buildings are still visible:

The flowers and trees planted in the hub are beautiful:

Liberty Square:

The former Heritage House is once again used as a dining room:

Moving on:


A 65-minute wait greeted Guests just two days ago:

New Fantasyland:

Entering Tomorrowland:

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  1. Beautiful...the Magic Kingdom has never looked better.

  2. Agreed, these photos make the park look like everything has a fresh coat of paint! Very very good coloring on these!

  3. Great update! And I'm happy to see I'm not the only one late in removing my holiday decorations! ;-)

  4. Those "temporary" railings on the rooftops of mainstreet really aren't too temporary. They're intended to remain there per the company-wide cal-osha mandate for fall protection. Many Disney-owned buildings around the world are seeing the addition of those visually-intrusive aluminum railings that bolt on to the top of the building's walls. It's a rather gross overreaction to the fall-related accidents that occurred on rooftops at Disneyland.

  5. I thought early January was supposed to be the slowest time of the year? Is MK/WDW going to be permanently crowded from now on? Don't people get sick of waiting that long or trying to plan and use the now restrictive Fastpass?


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