Hotel Plaza Hilton Stops Participating in Extra Magic Hours

Starting this year, Guests staying at the Hotel Plaza Hilton (locate near Disney Springs) no longer participate in Walt Disney World's Extra Magic Hours.
As a reminder, Guests staying at one of the Walt Disney World hotels, Shades of Green, or the Golden Oak community can still continue to enjoy Extra Magic Hours by simply presenting their resort ID cards (or MagicBands, if applicable). No other changes have been announced by the Walt Disney World Resort.


  1. Correction: The only hotels or locations, other than Disney owned resorts, that are allowed into EMH hours bu agreement are the WDW Dolphin/Swan, Golden Oak, and Shades of Green.

    Hotel Plaza resorts do NOT participate in the EMH hours. The Hilton Hotel on LBV Blvd was the only exception to this rule until the recent change.

  2. @8octavio: Thank you very much for reporting the error to us. You are absolutely correct, the other hotels located along Hotel Plaza Boulevard do not participate in Extra Magic Hours. This was an oversight on our part. Thanks again for taking the time to point out the mistake, as we strive to provide a reliable and accurate service to our Readers.


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