Disney's All-Star Resort: Pool Closures, Restroom Rehab

Beginning from Saturday, January 30, all pool decks at Disney’s All-Star Resort will close to Guests at 9 p.m. and the surrounding gates will be locked.
Guests will no longer be able to be on the pool deck when a lifeguard is off duty and will need to exit the pool area at that time for safety reasons. Those looking to enjoy other amenities after 9 p.m. will be invited to check out the arcades, food courts, or the pool bars that can be found around the resort.

In addition to the aforementioned change, beginning Monday, February 1, the Guest restrooms in the lobby at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort will be closed for refurbishment for approximately a week. Guests will be able to use the restrooms located by the Surfboard Bay Pool during that time.

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