Universal Orlando Purchases More than 450 Acres of Land

In the past weeks, multiple sources reported that the Universal Orlando Resort was rumored to be interested in purchasing about 450 acres of land found near the Orange County Convention Center. It looks like those rumors were true.
In fact, earlier today, the Orlando Sentinel was able to confirm that this deal has gone through, opening up seemingly endless expansion possibilities for the resort, especially since a portion of the land is already zoned for a theme park.

The entirety of the land that was recently purchased is located just a few miles from International Drive:

As you can see from the above map, there are about 340 contiguous acres that could certainly become home to a second version of the Universal Orlando Resort, including a new theme park and hotels.

As some may already know, the majority of this land was already owned by Vivendi (one of the former parent companies of the Universal Orlando Resort) not too long ago. Sadly, it was all sold when the recession hit to avoid debt and to make the resort more appealing to future buyers (having all that land could have made the price of the resort too prohibitive for interested companies).

Not surprisingly, the Universal Orlando Resort is neither confirming nor denying the closure of this deal.

IMAGE: © 2015 CBRE Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Is possible that the might try to but the small pieces of land next to the 340 have a bigger area to build

  2. if they somehow score the land where lockehead martin is, then that whole space could become something more.

    I feel as if I should point out, what could they put in a new park.. starting from scratch, i dont think universal have too many properties that could fit there.. i think all the major franchises not owned by disney or universal are in play in other parks in the area..

    that being said, if they scored the lord of the rings/hobbit rights, they could do some amazing things.

  3. Dear Max iGeek,

    You seem to have forgotten that Universal recently purchased the theme park rights to Nintendo.

  4. If building a third amusement park is what they plan on doing, I just hope Uni keeps up on their two existing parks while doing so. I'd hate to see the Studios fall to the level of DHS and EPCOT when their contract for using Marvel runs out.

  5. This IS why universal has focused on updating their current parks and churning out new attractions every year. It makes sense - its really all in preparation for the next big step that they are determined to make that will put them in serious contention with Disney. It's an exciting time in Orlando for sure.


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